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Baroque Landscape Book

Graphic design ǀ concept, layout of the history publication

The full title of the book is Landscape in the Hands of Baroque man. People and landscape in eastern Bohemia during 16th to 18th century, which better reveals the complex publication topic. Baroque landscape is both aesthetic and economically viable, it expresses the connection between nature and man, and it is properly organized. The shape of our contemporary landscape is basically stands in the Baroque layout.

Based on the proposed graphic concept, we won the NPÚ (National Institute of the Monuments) competition. We have worked on the book almost two years. The result is compact and high-quality typographically processed publication reflecting the main topic to the last detail.

1st place in design competition

Graphic design: VOALA (B+H+K)

Authors: Eva Chodějovská and team

Year of publication: 2021

Photo: Marie Holá

Realized 2019-2020

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