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Karel Janeček Foundation

Visual identity ǀ visual style and web design of non-profit organization

It makes sense to help. And the Karel Janeček Foundation’s way makes sense even more. The foundation supports a number of projects we personally come across every day: from groups helping to create a more active civic society, to organizations involved in social innovation and educational reform. The Foundation’s logo needed to be refreshed and its visual style was almost non-existent. We played with a heart motif and used it to create a pattern or visual theme across materials, while in other places we let the Foundation speak for itself.

Our competition-winning design led to a long-term collaboration with this incredible Foundation. In addition to the logo redesign and a brand-new visual style, we designed the Foundation’s website, promotional materials, gifts and notebooks. We continue to design campaigns and manuals for the Foundation that bring together style and substance. We look forward to many future endeavours!

Realized 2015

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