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Learning outside Schoolbooks

Graphic design ǀ logo, visual style, layout of schoolbooks

“Nature is not place to visit. It is a home.” (Gary Snyder)

Inspirative project Learning outside supports children and  teachers (and even homeschooling kids) in studying our surroundings autenthically.

Our aim was to create a komplex visual style and set up a series of schoolbooks with different themes. We chose a pleasant color palette, we played with a joyfull fonts and though of a different ways of working with information and photographies. Schoolbooks are fresh, colorfull and funny without emphasizing a “childrenity” and visual overloading. We prepared layout for more than 100 lessons placed in 7 books. Altogehter there is 568 pages of inspiration for outside learning. With respect to practicality we chose a light books, which can be easily put into a simple backpack and seek for adventure.

This project is part of the longtime cooperation with Sdružení Tereza.

Realized 2020

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