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midpoint institute I. phase

Visual identity | new logo and both online and offline presentation

We won the competition for the visual style of MIDPOINT Institute (International Educational Institution for Film and Series Development), which operates under auspices of the AMU (Academy of the Performing Arts) in Prague.

Our visual concept is based on the several pillars. One of them is the use of so-called moaré effect, a disturbing optical perception resulting from overlapping or interference of almost undistinguishable image raster. Inspiration was also a calibration targets for cameras or monoscopes, which determined strong and vibrant colour scheme completed by strict black and white. Subtle lines of the targets are perfectly combined with a bold type. Logo is not stable, but continually changing, variable. The icon of the “O” letter in name MIDPOINT is interactive and changing, opening up space for a game and circular symbols and icons making. It also provides a great user experience.

Realized 2020

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