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Sciocompetence diary

Graphic design ǀ design and production of collection of competence diaries

The Scio school is a leader in innovative education in the Czech republic. Teachers are not called teachers, there is neither grades, nor homework. Scio is a space, which develops children’s motivation, it leads them to the study autonomy, it teaches them both to know themselves and their emotion and to live with emotions of others. Everything else comes by itself, because learning here is not an obligation, but it is a personal challenge.

Sciocompetence diary is intended for guides (understand “teachers”) of Scio schools, which are over three hundred in the country. It is a notebook or motivational diary, just how anyone feels.

We are big supporters of Scio and its mental teaching practices. The main idea of the founder of SCIO, who are Ondřej Šteffl, that “change is a permanent state for whole world and children needs to be prepared for it” is a foundation of learning approach of this unique school (btw children of VOALA founders are active scio-schoolers).

Realized 2020

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