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Warsaw+ Cinema notebook

Graphic design ǀ layout, printing and production of notebooks

Warsaw+ Cinema’s building is the oldest cinema building in Liberec Czech republic. It was erected in 1922 in Art Deco style considered as a “style of first republic cinemas”, which sprang up like mushrooms in the times of the first Czechoslovak republic in twenties and thirties. Luxury interior is characterized by black stone floor and distinctive graphic cut-out of the walls and ceiling.

Ingenious ceiling décor formed by grid of lines converging to the centre, was inspiration for the notebook envelope, and it is literally embossed on it. Interior morphology is thus directly rooted into the notebook visual. Practical lace and pure white pages suit perfectly to all that needs to be recorded. Long story short, it is just a simple notebook which belongs to the cinema.

Author: Blanka Kulišťáková

Cinema’s foyer photography: Aleš Jungmann, 2015

Realized 2015

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